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Sam Volkering
Tech investing expert & author of Crypto Revolution

Every revolution has a trailblazer.
The computer console revolution had Atari.
The personal music player revolution had the MP3.

The home computer revolution had the Amiga500.
Let me ask you – do you still own any of these?

No, you probably own the next generation of the revolution. An iPad or iPhone. And your kids or grandkids probably have a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox.
Bitcoin is without doubt a trailblazer. It has forged a path, like an icebreaker. It is perhaps the most disruptive technology of the last 1,000 years.
I bought into Bitcoin way back in 2012 for just $12.

And as someone who is dedicating his professional life to the crypto revolution, I think it should be your first port of call as an investor. I believe there are a lot of gains still on the table for bitcoin.
One year ago you could buy one bitcoin for around $3,900.
Today, you have to pay more than $8,800. 

That same massive surge in price this year would see bitcoin soar to over $19,000k.
But that could be modest. One of the market’s leading analysts – Dr Julian Hosp – believes it’s going to hit $100,000 a coin by 2020.
Even the CEO of Morgan Creek – a huge wealth management firm – believes “bitcoin will outperform stocks over the next 10 years.”
Let me tell you something… it’s possible.
I sat and watched the website in amazement earlier this month. Over a one hour period I saw $180m flood into bitcoin. That’s old money invested in a new, revolutionary asset class.
As far as I’m concerned, you should be looking to load up on a little bitcoin. No question.
Whatever level of stake you are comfortable with. And it must be a stake you would be comfortable losing – this is a high risk, volatile and unregulated market. As we saw last year, the market can tumble as quickly as it rises.
But if you understand that, why haven’t you already staked some of your risk capital in this? What are you waiting for?
For the price to double again?
But here’s something a lot of investors I speak to can’t get their head around…
Bitcoin is NOT my #1 pick in the crypto market.
Yes, I see it flying high from here on out.
But if I had to pick one coin to rule them all… it’s not bitcoin. No, it’s a smaller crypto that some are calling ‘the new internet’. A crypto that is partnering with some of the richest companies on earth to revolutionise business transactions on a wide-scale.
Ultimately I believe it will end bitcoin’s dominance of the crypto market.
It could climb 22,000% from where it sits today. That’s the kind of move that turns Friday night ‘beer money’ of R500 into R110k.
I think, in time, this crypto will be THE dominant force in this alt-coin revolution. Ultimately, in terms of impact and utility, it could leave bitcoin for dust. 
It’s the absolute King of the Cryptos in my view…
And here’s why:

Imagine you stumbled across a rich gold mine…
What the old gold-bugs used to call “a producer – a real humdinger”.
The further you explored it, the more gold it contained.
100 meters in, 300 meters, a mile, two miles, ten miles… the rich seam of gold never ended.
It’s the world’s first bottomless gold mine.
You don’t have to dig out all the gold yourself – that’s hard work. You can lease it to all the other miners who pay you vast sums to mine it.
They make money from selling the gold, and you get your cut. The more miners, the more money for you. The richer they get from selling their gold, the richer you get too.
That’s the opportunity here with a very special crypto I have uncovered.
The company behind it has developed a completely unique cryptocurrency platform – one which has limitless applications.
Described as “the bitcoin for the business world”, the entire corporate sphere lays before it as a potential mega-market… a super-industry that gets opened up just once or twice in a generation.
And its early adopters count among the largest and richest names in finance and industry…
Intel is in.
Microsoft is in.
JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, ING, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse and Santander and are in.
Their unique crypto platform allows companies to conduct all of their business with 100% accuracy within the blockchain.
Here are just a few uses of it – to show you the vast potential:
Trading and securities exchange

Every share, commodity and financial transaction can be logged using this tech. And it can be done with no errors or lag and without paying for human interventions.
Value: according to Goldman Sachs, this could save financial firms $6bn globally a year.

Storing account and payment information could standardise data needed to open accounts. For companies to immediately have instantly verified “know your customer” information is hugely valuable. This would be a tamper-proof record – like a digital passport for every customer.
Estimated value: $75bn in savings.
Land and property registry

Anyone who has ever bought property probably gets a headache recalling the arduous process. Not only is it costly, it is filled with errors. The transaction costs of exchanging deeds and insurance costs can be largely eliminated.
Value: Goldman Sachs estimates $2bn-$4bn in savings.
Smart contracts
This may be the most valuable x-factor of this new tech. It’s priceless. And every business on Earth is a potential customer. A smart contract eliminates the need for any middle-man service.
The best way to describe smart contracts is to compare the technology to a vending machine. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them, and wait while they get the document ready for you.
With smart contracts on this crypto platform, you simply use it like a vending machine (ie, ledger), and your driver’s licence or house deed or freelance contract or whatever drops into your account.
Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations.
For example, if you are a landlord and your tenant is even one minute late with his rent, a smart contract would (as agreed beforehand) immediately take the money from the tenants account, with a fine.
These smart agreements can be used on credit card contracts, mobile phone agreements, car payment schemes – you name it. This crypto platform provides the adaptable tech for ANY kind of agreement. With no middle-man.
Value: well, I’ll leave you to try and figure out what every company in every industry on Earth is worth!
This crypto platform is fast becoming the of the new business world.
Just like IBM computers transformed the workplace and corporate world in the 1980s and 1990s (seeing its stock rise around 500% in those two decades)… this crypto is transforming how business is done RIGHT NOW.
And the scope of this tech is even bigger.
In February news broke about a development for this crypto that could prove a tipping point… an avalanche moment in its history…
One of the world’s top ten largest banks is believed to be using this crypto to develop a digital “national currency”.
How this story develops could be the trigger that sends this crypto king VERTICAL in price.
This crypto-play ticks ALL the boxes for me.
'' One-of-a-kind technology
I can foresee a time – soon – when using this crypto platform will be as standard as it is to use Microsoft Word to write a document. It will just be “the way it is” – and every business will just adopt the tech as a matter of course.
'' Corporate backing
Microsoft, UBS, Intel, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse… and some of the biggest payment processors in China. The fuse has been lit.
'' Established network of users
More than 1 million transactions take place on this unique crypto platform – every 24 hours. I expect the adoption rate to explode over the coming 12 months.
Let me be crystal clear here: if I had to tip one investment in the world today that I truly believe could take a small stake and turn it into a large fortune…
This is it.
And here’s the most exciting part of all…

This crypto is up 77% since Jan 1st 2020.
But I believe that is a tiny fraction of what will turn out to be a legendary growth story.
I think the way we look back at the growth of IBM, Cisco, Norton, Google from the last tech revolution… that’s how we’re going to look back at this crypto king.
And then some!
Given the scope for growth here – the opportunity to penetrate the entire corporate world – I believe this crypto has every chance of outpacing even bitcoin’s unstoppable rise. In my view, the estimated valuation of one bitcoin at $100,000 is well inside the realms of possibility.
Imagine if this crypto could indeed blow past bitcoin.
I believe a price rise of nearly 22,000% is not out of the question here.
You cannot ignore that potential upside.
But look, there’s no way to realistically put a price ceiling on this one.
How would you have valued the potential fortunes to be made from the railways as they spread like vines across the US in the early 1900s? The growth potential would have been too enormous to calculate.
You could never accurately estimate how many tracks would be laid… how many towns would spring up… how much of an essential utility it would become.
This is the same kind of pure, ground-breaking opportunity. Think of this crypto king as the railroad upon which all businesses going forward will ride.
There are risks of course. This is as early stage as it gets for this kind of breakthrough technology. There’s a long road ahead and there will be (and is) volatility.
But if you can stake money on this you can afford to lose, then the rewards – in my book – massively outweigh the risks.
My advice: buy a few coins today and hang on to them.
Have I been clear enough? If not – let me say it again:
If it’s money you can afford to spare, buy into this crypto and don’t let go.
All you need to do to get the name of this crypto, and my full analysis of why it could eclipse Bitcoin as the #1 coin on the market is…

My name by the way, is Sam Volkering…
I’d like to rush you a copy of my book, Crypto Revolution, right away.
Inside you will find everything you need to understand this financial revolution…
And take maximum – potentially life-changing – advantage of it.
Including the name of the coin that could soon ECLIPSE BITCOIN……
You’ll get the name of that crypto… my full case for why it could rise to become the #1 crypto in the world…
And my full analysis on the entire cryptocurrency landscape, all in my book.
I’ll be blunt. I think this book could help make you a fortune in the future.
So much so I’m willing to knock the cost of getting this book right down to R100.
That’s it. No catch. No hidden fee. No paying for postage. No subscription. R100 gets you your own personal e- copy, if you’re quick.
For obvious reasons, I can’t hold the price down for too long. Right now I have one reserved for you. But to avoid disappointment, please don’t delay.
Getting this book in your hands as fast as possible is paramount.
Because this market is in a blistering tear, once again. Look what’s happened this year, between January 1st and February 27th:  

Powr – UP 152%

Bitcoin SV – UP 140%

Dash – UP 106%

Chainlink – UP 103%


What has triggered this new boom?
And how high could it go?
Everything you need to know is in Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the future of money
I know that some people think the boat has sailed on crypto.
They think it's TOO LATE to make life-changing money from this phenomenon.
Or they’re worried about another crash like we saw in 2018.
Or they simply won’t be bothered to take the time to understand what’s happening.
More fool them!
Because I believe they are going to miss out on the most exciting tech story of our lifetimes…
And the single biggest wealth explosion in history.
But not you!
Not if you…


Whether you have invested in Bitcoin before…
Or you are a complete ‘crypto newbie’…
I have written this book to expand your understanding of this world-changing technology…
To walk you through the driving forces that could very soon tip it into the mainstream…
And to hand you the practical know-how you need to dip your toe into the market using my own tried-and-trusted approach.
Claim your copy today and you will discover:
''How to set up your ‘crypto wallet" 
''How to buy, sell and store your cryptos safely – using your home computer or smartphone"
''Why blockchain tech is going to be more influential than the internet"
''Why China are going ‘all in’ on cryptos"
''How the next financial crisis could mint a wave of crypto-millionaires"
''Why increasing financial controls all over the world will see the crypto network grow exponentially over the coming ten years"
This book is your guide to the next DECADE of crypto innovation and opportunity.
Before I show you exactly how to get your hands on it…
Ask yourself:
“Can I afford NOT to read this book?”   
Let me be blunt.
If you can’t see the massive opportunity here…
If you cannot see the impact that blockchain and crypto technology is having on the world…
If you’re not interested in sticking in a tiny amount of cash for the prospect of generating a small fortune in return…
I think you’re making a HUGE mistake.
Not everyone likes taking a risk and investing in new technology or a new opportunity. That’s fine. You know what’s best for you and your money.
But whether you want to capitalise on new technology or not, you need to understand how this revolution is going to change the way we all think about, generate, save and append our money.
And how it already is.
I’ve never believed in anything so much in my life.
Recently I sat down to answer some key questions I’ve had about the book.

Why did you write the book?

When I first came across Bitcoin in 2010 and 2011, I saw a technology revolution but also perhaps the greatest wealth creation opportunity we’ve ever seen in history.
And for that reason I wanted to share my experience of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with other people.  You see at the very heart of it I think cryptos can benefit everyone as long as they can be explained in a simple and understandable way.

Who is this book for?

For people who have heard about cryptos but have not really understood what they are all about or are perhaps scared to get involved because they only see what is in the mainstream media. 
So this book is really how to take the next step and get involved. It’s a step by step guide on where to get them, how to store them and how to trade them and also about other cryptos in the cryptoverse written in a simple and easily understandable way.

Why do people need to know about cryptocurrencies anyway?

The core thing to understand about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is they represent a technology revolution comparable with the development of personal computing and the proliferation and wealth creation of the internet over the last 30 years.
But I think  when we look back on cryptos in the next 30 years, they will have had a far greater influence than even that of personal computing, the internet or mobile connectivity ever did.

Can this book show me how to profit from the cryptocurrency market?

Yes! This book is going to show you how you can get involved in crypto – how you can buy it, store it, and trade it.
We also look at how you can get involved in a practical sense and that includes some of my analysis on the real value potential of  cryptocurrencies in the future.

Why are you making the book available at such a low cost?

The way we work here at FSPInvest Research is that we only expect you to value our work if you see our work. 
So, for that reason we aim to lower the barriers as much as we can so you can access quality financial research and intelligence.
Frankly, we could charge a lot more for it but my main goal is to get this into as many people’s hands as possible so that everyone can understand and potentially benefit from the crypto revolution.

What’s the cost of ignoring this revolution?

I’m not sure you can quantify this.
If you look back at history at the pc revolution and the explosion of the internet, the app economy and all these megatech trends and you think what if I had had a chance to invest in the early stages, well quite frankly you could have made a fortune. 
The thing is, I think the crypto revolution is going to be even bigger than the internet and more importantly, generate even more wealth.
So, you could ignore this or you could get involved. But the cost of ignoring it, could be huge.

This book is your direct entry point into the biggest wealth creation event in history.
And I have found a way to get it in your hands instantly…

Today you can beat everyone to the punch and claim YOUR personal ecopy… for just R100.

That’s just R100 for my personal guide to mastering the cryptocurrency market.
My name, by the way, is Sam Volkering.

I’ve invested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies longer than any other financial professional I know of.

I first bought in when it was selling for only $12...
And I bought Ripple before its 20,000% rise.
Back then hardly anyone knew what it was – or what it was supposed to do.
In 2014, I was asked to explain on US TV why it was so significant. They turned to me to help them understand what was going on.

The idea was simply too raw for the mainstream media. Too edgy.
And when I told them this would be bigger than the 90s tech boom... they laughed at me.
They called it a fad. Something that would come and go overnight.
But who’s laughing now?
Everything I see tells me loud and clear: the ‘crypto-winter’ of 2018 is officially OVER.
We’ve come out of the price crash, the market is now soaring…
And the gains starting to cascade out of this market once again… take one of the best crypto projects on the market – XRP (you might know it previously as Ripple).
Since the start of the year, crypto fervour has re-ignited and XRP has spiked as a result.
But there is longer-term value in cryptos too.
Ripple could have made you around 40% since the start of the year. And that’s a nice little return most people would be happy with.
The really big returns, though, are to be made over the longer term – by getting in early in really promising projects…
Even if that means stomaching a very wild ride.
I got into Ripple way back in 2015… and rode it to a 20,000%+ gain:


Let me also point out here that you shouldn’t use past performance to predict what will happen next. It’s not a reliable indicator of future events.
Had you put in a tiny grub-stake of just R1,000 on when I did… you could have cashed out with more than R300,000.
Is anything in your stock portfolio doing that for you? I doubt it!
It’s not a smooth ride. You can see that in the chart. Cryptos are volatile. Make no mistake about that! It is a wild ride. Just take a look at my experience with Ripple above… Yes I made a huge return, but there were massive peaks and troughs the whole way.
So, you need to have an iron stomach for this market.
Ripple is a great example of what can happen if you pick the right crypto at the right time. But of course, not every crypto shoots up in price. Many crash and burn just as fast – during the 2018 crash, that’s what happened. So, you need to know going in that this is a volatile market.
But as long as you are staking a small amount – money you can afford to comfortably lose – it won’t keep you up at night.
What I mean by that is simple – only use money you are happy to risk. If things go right, you’re in position to take a big profit. If they go wrong, well you only lost a little ‘punt-stake.’

The crypto market is unregulated. That means if a crypto project goes bankrupt or comes unstuck – there’s no-one to complain to or who will try and get your money back. Again, that leads us back to the golden rule: only stake money you are happy to risk. Got it?


My e-book will educate you on all of this. I tackle it all. That’s one of the main reasons I wrote it:

To show you how to spot good projects in this market early….

And to show you how to negotiate the crypto markets in as secure and prudent way as possible – avoiding unnecessary risks.

Take another look at that Ripple chart. I don’t have to spell it out. Anyone can see – this is a market eruption.

As a professional investor and IFA, I’ve recommended opportunities that have opened up huge gains for investors… 

As my readers will attest from my work here and in the UK and in Australia, they have often done well from my calls over the years.

Right now, they are sitting on open gains of 881%, 410%, 254% and 53%.

And I have had great feedback about my work:

“Sam is always ahead of the game when it comes to the next big thing, be it cryptos, weed or robotics. I would recommend him to other investors because as I said, he's ahead of the game and his research is in depth without baffling." Says EN

“The best thing I like is that, thanks to Sam I have been familiar with companies which I never could know existed at all. He always explain the investment opportunity very well, so he actually give me also a chance to be part of decision making for my investment portfolio.” Says Tassadaq

"He knows what he's talking about. His analysis is deep and clear (no fog)" Says RK


Those comments make me proud of the opportunities I have shared with readers. So too do the big gains some of these plays are on.

But even those enormous moves PALE in comparison to what I think you could make from cryptocurrencies.

The magnitude of this financial uprising is on a completely different scale to anything anyone has ever seen.

That’s what makes this such an exciting time for you to dip your toe in this market.

That’s why I wrote ‘Crypto Revolution’ – to show you what’s happening and how to reap maximum possible financial gain from it.

And that’s why I want to rush you a copy ASAP.

Because this revolution is for the man on the street who wants the chance to turn pocket change into a small fortune.

You don’t need to know ANYTHING about the stock market or need any special skills to profit from this phenomenon.

Anyone who has access to the internet...

Anyone who can spare a small sum (even just R500) to put into this...

Anyone who is intrigued by this boom and just wants a way to get started...

CAN make a huge profit from this erupting market by reading “Crypto Revolution”.

But I must warn you: some people will WANT to get in and simply do nothing about it. They will go against their instincts and simply watch on.

Boy, do I hope that’s not you!

Because I believe investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies right now is the best chance anyone has EVER had to turn as little as R500 into a vast personal fortune.

"This book will give you the knowledge you MUST have to understand how cryptocurrencies will change our world. CDW

“A good primer for Cryptocurrencies & also tells you how to get started” Gary

“Such a wealth of information about something that could make you wealthy and how to go about it.” DS

“Read this book about crypto currencies and it will open your eyes to a whole new way of making investments”. D SHUTE

This is like having the chance to stake money in railways at the turn of the nineteenth century...

The motorcar at the turn of the twentieth century...

Or internet stocks at the turn of the twentieth century...

Only bigger. And you are lucky enough that it’s happening now – in your lifetime!

To be as blunt as I can…

If you have waited for THE BIG ONE to come along…

An opportunity to explode your bank account in one massive hit…

Staking just a tiny amount of the money you can safely afford to lose…


Do not let it pass you by.

If you do, I believe you will rue it for the rest of your life. You’ll always be the guy who sat it out and watched everyone else pop the champagne.

Don’t condemn yourself to a lifetime of financial regret – especially when...

  1. You only need a tiny stake to mint a potential fortune from cryptos…
  2. It’s even easier than buying and selling stocks online…
  3. Everything you need to know is in my new book and it could be yours for a R100 today

With a stake as small as R500 or R1,000, you can realistically expect your profits to run into tens of thousands of rands. Yes, like I said, you could lose it all. That’s the risk with this explosive opportunity. But I believe it’s a risk worth taking with money you’re not going to lose sleep over.

Because those that come good will burn your eyebrows off!

Before you can grab your copy of Crypto Revolution, let me quickly run you through how the entire ‘crypto-economy’ is exploding…

And the multi-billion dollar companies rushing to get into crypto right now…

We are right on the cusp of a mainstream TIPPING POINT that could soon see billions of people using cryptos...

And trillions of dollars flooding the market...

As reported on BigThink:

“Google, Facebook, and others are doubling down on crypto… this renewed interest and could cause the price of cryptocurrencies to spike again in the near future.”

In other words: THE HERD IS COMING!

Take a look:

$1trn giant APPLE just has launched a special ‘crypto kit’ for app developers

FACEBOOK has hit the headlines, announcing plans to launch its own currency – LIBRA – in 2020. A development The Guardian is calling “a risk to global banking”.

SAMSUNG has released a fully integrated crypto wallet into its latest Galaxy S10 – one of the most popular devices in the world

The world’s 6th largest bank – JP MORGAN – is already settling financial contracts using crypto technology… and is widely rumoured to be developing a digital US Dollar

The 4th biggest investment fund on the planet – FIDELITY, with $6.7tn in private capital under its care – has launched a ‘crypto custody’ service so its millions of clients can invest securely in cryptos

And a wave of huge chain stores and services like STARBUCKS, AT&T, WHOLE FOODS and MICROSOFT now accept payment in various cryptocurrencies

In March, computing giant IBM inked a deal to work with 6 banks to issue cryptocurrencies to retail customers

And here’s a bit of news from the inside-track…

One of the most successful investors I know – an award-winning, $600m wealth manager – Eoin Treacy, says that he can confirm that private wealth and pension funds are eager to jump in.

In fact, according to him, 500 are actively offering access to crypto already!

As Forbes said recently: this new wave of “pension funds investing in crypto is a big deal.”

We are talking about $41trn of investment capital waiting in the wings!

I could go on, and on, and on…

But you get the picture – don’t you?

The world’s biggest companies and wealthiest funds are flocking to crypto.

The growth of this market is blistering. SEARING. BREATH-TAKING!

And some of the most influential crypto experts and analysts believe it could see a MAMMOTH price surge:

Billionaire investor Tim Draper thinks it could soar even higher… hitting $250,000 by 2023.

Another crypto market analyst – Dr Julian Hosp – believes “the [bitcoin] price should approximately go to $100,000 – maybe even $300,000”

Me? Where do I think it could climb?

What is the point in guessing?

Truth is – no-one can accurately predict how high bitcoin and smaller cryptos could fly.

My advice – why leave it to chance. Get yourself in the mix and reap whatever comes your way!

The easiest way to do that is to get your e-copy of Crypto Revolution right now for just R100.

Download it today and you will understand what’s going on, top to bottom…

You’ll gain the know-how to make a small, confident speculation with money you can afford to lose…

And you’ll have the name of the crypto I believe is set to surpass Bitcoin!


Grab your copy and you can start reading it in the next 24 hours:

You aren't going to let this ONCE-IN-HISTORY wealth explosion slip through your fingers – are you?

Especially when I have put everything you need on a plate for you to take full advantage.

In my book I will walk you through it all….

On PAGE 46 – I’ll walk you through how cryptos can thrive while the rest of the financial markets and political world is in CRISIS.

On PAGE 109 – I walk you through how to buy cryptocurrency the smart way – on the exchanges I trust.

On PAGE 116 – You will learn how to store your crypto securely, using the same method I use on a daily basis.

And on PAGE 137 - I share with you the name of the cryptocurrency that I believe could eclipse bitcoin and offer you the biggest gains the market may EVER generate.


If you want a complete understanding of the tech, the revolution and the impact crypto will have on our lives, money and work – that’s what you get.

But if you couldn’t give a monkeys about that and you just want to know how to dabble in this market… and the name of the crypto to start with – you get that too!

Click here and see for yourself – get your R100 digital copy now.

Don't hang around – every day that goes by, you are leaving huge potential profits on the table.

Sure, this isn’t the ONLY time you’ll be able to invest in cryptos. Not at all.

There will be hundreds of ways to profit as this market matures. You can invest next year, the year after, even five years down the line. Even in a decade I believe this opportunity will STILL be growing.

But now is quite simply the BEST time. Perhaps the last time we will EVER see quality cryptos dirt cheap.

Never again will this moment in history occur. Just like never again will the world rush to adopt personal computers. Never again will Apple release the first iPod. Never again will the internet spread across the world so feverishly.

Never again will the world first adopt cryptocurrencies.

If you want to make the most possible money from this crypto revolution – this is it. The time is now. And it will NEVER be repeated.

Just a small stake in one of these exploding cryptos could redefine all of your expectations about your future wealth.

It’s a paradise for punters with a small amount of capital to spare!

Click here now and grab this opportunity – get your copy for just R100!

So, today is the day you have to make a choice.

It’s a simple choice. And it’s a choice you’ll never get again.

Choice 1:

Claim your book (for just R100). Read it all, word-by-word, line-by-line, chapter by chapter. Maybe even read it a few times to understand it all.

And by the end of it be prepared, armed, educated on the enormous crypto opportunity at your feet. A life-changing one.

Choice 2:

Walk away. Do nothing. Try and forget everything you have read today. Put the idea of anything to do with cryptos aside. But in doing so, you risk regretting your decision for the rest of your life.

Because I believe you WILL see these cryptos flying up even higher in price...

You WILL see bitcoin become a major global currency and climb past $20k, $50k, $100k a coin – and beyond.

And you WILL know that you let a measly R100 stand between you and making a potential fortune from it.

Could you stomach that?

Could you live with yourself?

I know I couldn’t!

I’ve written Crypto Revolution to hand you the understanding and know-how to take maximum advantage of this financial eruption.

And I’m offering it to you for just a R100!

The next step is yours. Take your financial destiny into your own hands.
I almost forgot…
When you claim your book, you will also receive...

A FREE Crypto Wealth package

Whether you have R500 or R5,000 to punt on these rocketing cryptos...

This wealth package shows you how to make it work for you.

I am determined to make you one of the most clued-up people in South Africa on this fast-rising market...

And open up to you scores more opportunities to help you grow your personal wealth.

Here’s how I’m going to do that:

Crypto Wealth Package Gift #1:

A FREE 30-day trial to

We are living through a technological revolution.

Cryptocurrencies are a big part of that story... this is a financial revolution minting an unstoppable wave of new wealth.

But there is more to this tech wealth driven revolution – so much more! Right now, staking your money in firms targeted through smart algorythyms could provide you a huge return on your cash.

And Josh Benton is the man to show you how to take advantage.

As Editorial Director of the South African chapter of one of the biggest global private wealth management clubs in the world, Josh is able to provide his members access to some of the best investment ideas from some of the most successful thought leaders and investors around the world. And that’s how Josh and I met, through our global alliance.

Over the past few years, Josh and the South African Investor network have shown readers how to capitalise on market whether it’s exploding or imploding – homing in on solar stocks, battery tech firms, companies pioneering logistics and cutting edge mining firms who are changing the face of mining in South Africa.

To say Josh and the team ‘knows their stuff’ is putting it lightly, The panel is made up of authors... investors... advisors to the rich… portfolio managers... value investing experts... and much more.

They’re known and respected throughout our global network, with numerous appearances on Bloomberg TV (in the UK and India), CNBC Africa as well as CNN.

Panel members like Leon Louw and Dan Denning have given sell-out presentations to traders and analysts in every major “hub” of the financial system, including London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen, Dublin and San Francisco.

And founder of both the South African chapter and the global Agora, Bill Bonner, is widely sought out for his predictions on gold and the future of fiat currency.

Quite simply, Josh is connected. And he is one of the best value investors I’ve ever come across.

Frankly, you are very lucky to get 30 days of the South African Investor’s elite analysis and tips at no cost today.

Every month Josh sends his readers a special opportunity communique, revealing the stocks that the team think are best placed to rocket in price.

In each issue he provides a full investment analysis and reveals all the risks and potential rewards. You will know everything worth knowing about these break-out opportunities.

His readers certainly see the huge value of his work:

Your free 30-day trial will get you off and running and the moment you’re on the inside you’ll have access to:

All of the South African Investor’s special situation reports and stock recommendations, including:

The South African Investor Wealth Pyramid: How To Turn R100,000 Into Over R700,000... In Just Ten Years

The Investor’s Guide to Making a Fortune From Cryptocurrencies


A full issue of his latest South African Investor communique

Every month Josh and the panel hone in on the most exciting and potentially most profitable opportunities in the local and global market. Having access to this ‘insider guide’ gives you a valuable edge on 99% of investors in South Africa.

The South African Investor model portfolio of breakthrough stocks

During your free 30-day trial, Josh has agreed to open up access to the South African Investor special portfolio of stocks, including one company he believes could make you THREE times your money over the next few years.

That’s a lot of valuable research that Josh has kindly opened up to you at no cost.

When Josh sells a subscription to South African Investor, people usually pay R1,500 a year.

That’s great value. Josh could charge ten times that amount but, like me, he wants to help ordinary people make extraordinary returns from these opportunities.

Josh has shared opportunities for his readers that could make them double even triple or more on their money. 

But as I said, YOU don’t need to pay R1,500.

I’ve spoken to Josh and, just like me and my alliance colleagues he doesn’t want there to be any barrier between you and this valuable opportunity.

That means your trial to this premium service is 100% RISK-FREE today.

And I’d like to stress – you are under no obligation to continue beyond those 30 days.

This is like a “test-drive” and you can return the car to the lot anytime in your first month, no questions asked.

Here’s the best part...

After 30 days, you will automatically receive a 47% discount for an entire year of the South African Investor’s expert analysis.

You don’t have to do anything to claim it.

That means, for just R795 for a whole year, you will automatically receive the South African Investor’s best research and stock recommendations.

If you don’t want to receive it, no problem – just cancel within your 30-day ‘test drive’. It’s all very simple.

So, let’s recap...

Not only will you secure a copy of my book today for just R100... you will also receive a complimentary 30-day trial to South African Investor, which includes a host of valuable material.

Wow - that already puts you way, way ahead of most people.

But I am not stopping there.

I’d like to give you even more:

Crypto Wealth Package Gift #2:

SPECIAL REPORT – “9 cryptos to avoid at all costs”

Like I said earlier, you need to know how to navigate through this wild market.

There are a number of cryptocurrencies you shouldn’t touch with a 100ft barge pole. In this report, I’ll run you through which cryptos to avoid and why.

This could end up saving you a lot of money and keep you focused only on the currencies with the highest money making potential.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are ambitious and you want the chance to make a serious amount of money.

And I think you will agree... all of this complimentary research stacks the odds heavily in your favour to help you make life changing money.

Not just from cryptos... but from the tech driven revolution as a whole.

So, the final thing you need to know is...

How to get your hands on this valuable research - in 24 hours

So let’s get all of this valuable research in your hands right away...

All I need is your R100 book fee to unlock your book. And at the same time, I’ll send you your access details to get your free reports.

And I’ll give you a 30-day pass to Josh Benton’s premium service South African Investor...

Opening up a wide range of valuable premium material, including free special situation reports

Then you will be all set...

For just R100 you will have a distinct knowledge edge on the rest of the crypto hunters out there.

And this is knowledge you can immediately put into action.

You will understand what’s happening... where the biggest opportunities lie... and KNOW with complete clarity WHAT to do about it.

You will be on your way to minting a potential fortune from the biggest wealth explosion in human history.

So don’t hang about – get started now:


Sam Volkering
Author, Crypto Revolution

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